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Matthew DeLorenzo

I am writing this myself and it's not too easy to write your own bio so bear with me. I'm an army veteran and full time fly fishing and bird hunting guide. I currently live in the High Peaks of the Adirondacks where I get to boast how spoiled I am. I have been seriously bird hunting for about 18 years. Grouse are my favorite but that's only because a Woodcock doesn't taste as good, nothing does.

I am at least a third generation guide by all available accounts so I cannot take full credit for all of my success and ability to feed my family. With that said, it's a source of great pride for me. I'm currently working for the Hungry Trout Resort in Wilmington, NY.

Louis II de L'Escarbot

Sire: Jarred du Comte de Batz Castelmore (Import FRA)
Dam: Fabienne de L’Escarbot TAN

Louis is a French Brittany out of L'Escarbot kennels in Minnesota. He was produced by John Mooney and is a stellar little hunting partner and a great friend. Louis (pronounced Lew-ee) has a fantastic pedigree and is a promising young dog. He had more wild birds under his nose in his first year than most dogs will see in their lifetimes and I am truly grateful for that. His grandfather is "Bayard Dit “Bono” de Saint Lubin", the most accomplished and titled French Brittany of all time as far as I know.


Voodoo unfortunately went to chase birds in heaven earlier this year but he will always be a part of the crew as far as I am concerned.


Vega, pictured in the back is also in heaven. One of the best dogs I ever hunted behind, he was taken too early. His brother VooDoo was never the same again.


I adopted Bertie when she was a baby from a family who was making a cross country move for work and couldn't take her with them. She was a spectacular dog. Unfortunate circumstances with Uncle Sam and Afghanistan took her from me and she lived out the rest of her days with a very nice family that gave her all the time in the woods she needed. Not a day goes by that I don't think about her.