Missing Birds? Time to start over


There are so many shooters out there who have trouble hitting certain birds or targets and one of the most common finds is that the shooter is dominant in the wrong eye. A right handed shooter who is left eye dominant is going to have a hell of time being a consistent shooter.
Finding out which eye you are dominant in is easy and can solve a lot of problems for you. Switching sides is always a good ides if you find out that your dominant hand and eye don't match. This problem is amplified with one eyed shooters, that is, shooters who close one eye while they shoot. Shooting with both eyes open will help you enormously and it will help you to not focus on the barrel of the gun as much. You can shoot a hell of lot better when you allow instincts and the point and shoot mentality to take over.
Some studies have shown that a third of people have cross dominant eyesight. Its pretty damn common. There is an easy way to find out. Extend your arms and make a triangle with your hands and fingers. Focus on an object across the room from you and focus it in the center of the triangle with both eyes open. First close the left eye and than open it, than close the right eye and open it. For one of their eyes, the target object will move. The eye for which the target stayed is your dominant eye.

The worst possible scenario to have as a shooter is to be right handed and be left eye dominant. I myself fall into this category. There are a couple of solutions, none of them good.
1. Learn to shoot left handed
2. Shoot with both eyes open
3. Cover your right eye
4. Close your right eye

The most ideal solution is that you learn to shoot left handed and vice versa if you fall into this category. After that its blocking out your right eye. The first step is to do the test to find out if this is your problem in the first place. If it is, a shooting coach is probably a great way to go. Here is a short list of some shooting schools in the northeast.

North Mountain Sportsman’s Assn. - PA

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