or not?


Not all coolers are created equal, but in the last few years we have been spoiled for choice with which cooler we toss in the back. I will start by saying that I own a high end cooler, a Yeti, two of them actually.
My clients are always asking me if the things are worth the money, and the answer is yes. For years I rocked cheaper coolers. They worked. Head out to fish or hunt, come back to the car in the middle of the day and you have a bunch of water in the bottom with kinda cold drinks.
Since I bought my first Yeti I can tell you this doesn't happen anymore, but there is a catch. You must pre-cool these coolers to get the full function. If you don't go through that step, you have a very expensive cooler that holds ice just a little bit longer. Thats not what you want. If I pre-cool the thing I can keep beer cold for days in the back of a hot ass car. Cold dissipates much slower in these coolers than it does from a standard cooler, so the colder you get it when you load it, the longer it lasts.
I pre-cool with plain old ice. If I know I'm going fishing or hunting tomorrow, I fill it with ice the night before and replace the ice before I fill it with goods the next morning. Side by side with other guides on the same days with cheaper coolers, I hold ice and temperature twice as long. I would love to go into more details about the coolers and what makes them worth the money but it all comes down to one thing....they keep thing cold for longer. End of story.

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