Sweet Swag


As a fly fishing guide I have never been spoiled for choice when it comes to kick ass gear for my time on the water. As hunters, we don't have the same choices. Its a much smaller industry and it just doesn't support the amount of production that some of our brothers and sisters enjoy in the other outdoor arenas. 
That's why I think its important that we support the few folks out there who are making what we need and what we want. Im a big fan of "supporting the little guy" and if we want to keep this thing alive we have have to spend a little coin. Stop using the same pair of pants you've hunted in since 1975, help a guy out and put a little food on his table. 
Here are a few sweet products and shops I have found stuff in recently and over the years.

Engraved Bird Knife w/gut hook
Pretty sweet knife right? This knife is engraved by Dennis Reigel....hand engraved, not that laser or machined stuff. No two knives are alike. Comes in a velvet bag and has a blade, gut hook, and a choke tube tool for a 12 and 20 gauge. Pure Style. You can find his stuff in his Etsy shop.

Hunting Hat
The Grouse Commander boys have been at it a while, you can see their website here. You have probably heard of Fritz and Ric but if you haven't you should check out their website. They are fans of hunting their birds over retrievers from what I understand. They have a sweet Etsy Shop, which is where a lot of folks are doing their business these days.

Modern Wild has some sweet swag, mainly hats and Shirts and some really cool stickers if you're into that, which I am. These are exactly the kind of people we need to be supporting if we want to continue to see more cool products come our way.

MudBat Shirt

This is quickly turning into a shirt and hat type of post but I had to throw these guys in here. Project Upland has been putting out some amazing videos and information lately. If you want to get someone hunting, just show them their videos, it won't be hard. Support these guys so they can keep up the good work. 

Manzella Upland Shooter Gloves
Hardly a little guy but Manzella has put out some sweet shooting gloves. A staple in the north country, Manzella gloves do what they are supposed to do.

K-9 Komfort 6 ft. TufFlex Chain Tree Lead

If you're like me you don't like to leave your dog unleashed most of the time. Thats where tree leads come in, you can hook your dog up to anything with these. You can get them at Gun Dog Supply. They are made out of TufFlex so you can't wreck them. Well worth it when you need a leash.

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