All About The Dogs: An American Brittany Story


Rick Affuso is a New York native and above all thing he will tell you his passion in life is all about the American Brittany, four of them to be exact, in this Gun Dog Confidential Film. With his office and home lined with American Brittany paraphernalia and his achievements marked in awards his dogs have taken over the years. Affuso has submerged himself in the gun dog community. He is dedicated to not only lend a helping hand to others but to continue to learn and better himself and his dogs.
This journey takes us through training, testing, and hunting. A look at the American Brittany in action. From corrective training, first hand advice and even some tips from famous gun dog trainers. Affuso has traveled the country pursuing, learning, and expanding his knowledge of gun dog training. This American Brittany film will get anyone motivated to get out there and train their gun dog, or maybe even get someone new out there to buy their first gun dog!

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