They Are Where They Eat: Partridgeberry


Partridgeberry is one of the weird plants we encounter in the woods. I say weird because many hunters commonly misidentify and call most ground dwelling plants that produce small red berries "partridgeberry". Lets clear it up.

Partridgeberry flowers
Partridgeberry or Mitchell repens is a low lying non climbing vine. It has deep green ovate or semi-oval leaves that grow opposite each other on the stem. The plant produces small four leaved flowers that are white. There are two flowers for each berry which the plant produces in the summer through early fall. Generally by the time we are woodcock hunting the plants are not producing berries any longer. When the plant is producing berries, it isn't producing a lot of them. Its common to find an unmolested plant with very few berries.
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We do know for sure that true to it's namesake, the partridgeberry is a preferred food source for grouse. It is also known as squaw berry or two-eyed berry.
Close up of the fruit

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