They Are Where They Eat: Goldthread


Goldthread flower from
Goldthread is one of my favorite plants because of the pretty white flowers it grows. Once the laughter settles down we can get into how to ID it. In all seriousness, the goldthread flower is beautiful and its a commonly photographed plant where it is present.

Goldthread leaves from
The plant is classified as a woodland perennial in that it generally grows at the bases of trees and in shady areas. Its often found in boggy and mossy spots. Its a small plant usually around six inches in height and grows generally in small groups. At least that is how I have found it. The leaves are three pronged and grow in bunches of three which make it easy to identify. The plant gets its name from the root system that you can see below and you will see how the plant got its name.
Goldthread root. Photo from
The leaves of goldthread plants are frequently eaten by grouse and I have been able to find several studies over the years that point to it. The importance of the food plant is unknown but when it is present, it is certainly used.

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